About Us

CILA (Community Integrated Living Arrangements) program is a licensed community base 24 hours services which offer residential programming in a home like environmental to people with development disabilities.

Diane Home Care Inc. is licensed by the Illinois Department of Human Services as a CILA provider, and is also accredited by CA.R.F. (Commission of Accredited of Rehabilitation Facilities).

Individual services through the CILA program are provided with a variety of services and supports which are individually designated to meet the needs of persons served.

Diane Home Care Inc. does not discriminate in admission of individuals base on race, color, sex, religion, national origin, ancestry or disability.

Diane Home Care Inc. supports a “NO Decline”option for individuals who desire to live a comfortable, healthy life in the community. In order to be able to reside in one of Diane Home Care Inc.’s CILA house, the individuals must meet the following criteria:

Our Clients:

The individuals participating in Diane Home Care.Community Integrated Living Arrangements program are offered an array of trainings and supports geared to assist each individual in the development of realistic goals and acceptable attitudes for independence and integrated community living skills. Training services are designed for each person to develop skills in the following areas:

Based on the appropriate evaluations and objective each individual is given the choice to participate in a variety of skill training, including the following:

Our Community Support Team provides quality client supports in the following areas:

Together, the entire team is responsible for providing and assisting individuals served to access the services specified in their individual service plan (ISPs).